Cases – Technical reconditioning

The Atlantic axis

Luxfer Group is one of the world’s largest providers of high-performance materials and components for demanding customers. To improve production structure, they had decided to close down their factory in Ratingen, Germany. In 2015, they needed to move a large amount of equipment from the German plant to their premises in Calgary, Canada. However, the machines were in bad condition due to operational dirt and abuse during operation. now Luxfer wanted them to be cleaned professionally before the new start-up in Canada.

To get the job done, Luxfer contacted the Canadian Polygon organisation. They in turn immediately contacted Polygon in Germany to strike up a transatlantic collaboration. This axis offered major opportunities to smooth the way for the client. Luxfer could focus all its energy on bureaucratic issues connected with the closure of the German plant. Polygon Canada assisted them with these administrative services. At the same time, Polygon Germany provided all the practical services needed on site by getting the factory equipment and machines in likenew condition by disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the machines.

Luxfer could calmly devote themselves to the closure of the plant. In the meantime, all their machines were reconditioned and made ready to start their new operational life in Canada. All within the established timeframe.