Environmental allies Polygon and Storebrand Insurance extend partnership

Polygon and Storebrand Insurance have further cemented their successful partnership, providing a platform to support greater collaboration and sustain joint efforts to promote sustainability in damage management.

Storebrand Insurance is one of Polygon Norway’s most important customers, with the companies having worked together since 2017 and Polygon appointed Storebrand Insurance’s main supplier in April 2021.

Several ongoing joint development projects are already in existence between the two companies and last week, President and CEO of Polygon Group Axel Gränitz, together with Polygon Norway’s Country President Sigurd Austin, met the company to discuss further development of the relationship.

The partners agreed to further the development of joint solutions and shared innovation, together with a focus on faster and more effective problem-solving at an operational level.

Together, Polygon and Storebrand Insurance – companies that both have a strong focus on sustainability - will also continue to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and activities. In 2020, Storebrand Insurance was ranked the most sustainable insurance company in the world.

To facilitate closer working, the next joint workshop is being arranged, enabling around 75 employees from Polygon and Storebrand Insurance to collaborate together. Held twice a year via Teams and on site at Storebrand Insurance, previous workshops have attracted positive feedback from the Polygon colleagues involved.

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