Advancing our industry by building a better business

One of Polygon´s most important focus areas is to reduce its environmental footprint within the industry. Polygon has responsibility at heart. Our job is to restore, rather than replace, damaged property and to prevent the damage from even occurring. This is something all our countries are engaged in.

Sustainability and a company’s impact on the climate are determining factors for customers, employees and investors today. This leads to increased demands from our stakeholders and new requirements, as well as possibilities, for us as a company. Polygon takes on its responsibility through Polygon’s Our Responsibility program.

Local initiatives aligned with group initiatives
Polygon is a decentralised company with many local activities; however we have a group common framework, a strong program in Polygon´s “Our responsibility program”. We illustrate our work with “Our responsibility” in the shape of a house. All countries contribute in their own way and this house is built by Polygon´s different local initiatives. All areas are a natural choice for the specific country as we in many times work on the sustainability agenda together with our customers.

We can see that Polygon as a company is advancing the industry with all the awards received over the past year. As a group we were awarded the ESG Awards from Triton for the second year. 2020 we won the Overall Environment, Social and Governance and the Social Award and 2019 we achieved the Environmental and the Governance Award. All other awards and accreditations Polygon has won are country specific.

Our people - our most important asset
Last year the Netherlands was awarded the Climate Neutral Group certification. Other countries are now also looking to become climate neutral. For example Norway cooperates with their customers on environmental issues to such an extent that one of them has been ranked the world’s most sustainable insurance company for 2020.

Our people are our most important asset; it´s our people that serve our customers, work according to our values, live our brand and who make it possible for Polygon to be as successful as we are.

“We really would like to highlight the many people and employee awards that Germany have received lately, which we are very proud of as it is probably one of the best evidence of quality that we can actually receive”, says Camilla Annerling Barck, Business Control & Compliance Officer at Polygon group.

POLYGONVATRO in Germany received a fantastic score from their own employees at Kununu, with 3.7 stars out of 5. They were also awarded by an independent institute as the best company in our branch, according to feedback from German digital sources. The complete survey was published in the German magazine, Focus. POLYGONVATRO was also named as a Service Champion based on their customers’ service experiences by Die Welt.

Advancing the industry
We are advancing the industry with digital solutions and were awarded the innovation prize in Germany in 2020. The Institute for Management and Economic Research, Deutschland Test evaluated millions of consumer votes and identified POLYGONVATRO as Germany's most innovative company.
The UK too is very good when it comes to winning sustainability awards and is really advancing our industry. Over the past year they were awarded the Green Status Achilles award for the third year running with 100% scores across all categories. In addition they also recently won awards from the Sustainability and Training Awards hosted by Post Magazine, a big insurance forum, for their Claims and Fraud Awards - Ahead of Allianz and other major insurance companies Harwell received the Training Award, with Polygon picking up the Sustainability Award and Plastic Surgeon receiving an honorable mention.

We also maintained our Investors In People (IIP) Platinum standard accreditation in the UK for the seventh consecutive year which is further proof of our quality and commitment to our people.

Polygon AK in Sweden was recently nominated to the Sweden Green Building Awards which is the most prestigious environment award in Sweden, handed out to the projects focusing on sustainable community building.

Polygon US too was recognised by Construction tech review, a US magazine as one of the top 10 HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) consulting service companies.

Approximately 3/4 of our operations are certified per ISO 9001 quality management accreditation. The UK recently was awarded best practice award for continuous improvement. Most of our Polygon countries also have some kind of safety accreditation. This not only gives us the license to operate, it is a competitive advantage both in the short and long term.

Polygon appreciates being a decentralised company as it provides the possibility to make a positive impact where it matters most, but with a centralised view and gives meaning to what we do and how we affect our environment. We care and We Are Always By Your Side.

Our responsibility program

Polygon has responsibility at heart. Our core business is to restore rather than replace damaged property and to prevent the damage from even occurring.

Employees are Polygon’s key resource. We employ over 4700 people in 16 countries. Their dedication and knowledge are crucial to our success.

It is our responsibility to conduct business using high ethical standards we expect our colleagues to act guided by our cooperate values Integrity, Excellence and Empathy.

Our responsibility program

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