Clearing up after Desmond, Eva and Frank

During the month of December 2015, the northern parts of the UK were hit by three consecutive storms. In spite of their friendly names, Desmond, Eva and Frank wreaked havoc on many cities and the countryside. Rivers were flooded and burst their banks. People had to leave their homes and belongings. Help was needed at once

Within two days of the flood, the first of two temporary Polygon depots were up and running. They became the headquarters for the operations as well as a welcome place for technicians to grab a coffee after working for hours in the cold and wet. Since many sites were in urgent need of help, Polygon technicians from all over the UK were called in to do the job. In addition, Polygon specialists from the Netherlands and Denmark arrived after a few days to support their UK colleagues. Likewise, drying equipment from both the entire UK and the Polygon Centre of Excellence for Emergencies in the Netherlands were delivered to the depots. Enabling the over 30 technician teams to start clearing up after the flood. Despite different languages, there was never any question about what needed to be done.

When the first critical step was underway, the next stage was to immediately start the process of restoring
properties. Many people had suffered moisture and water damage to photographs, paintings, documents
and other irreplaceable belongings. With its industry leading know-how in this area, Polygon was able to give more help than anyone thought possible. Polygon also spent a great deal of time guiding customers through the unfamiliar process of insurance claims. Living up to our brand promise: Always By Your Side.

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