Controlling humidity in surgical suites

By making supplemental humidity control in surgical suites, Polygon in the US saves money for the customer and in the long run, relieves pain for patients.

A lot of the older hospitals in US have aging HVAC systems and during the summer months the hospitals surgical suites suffers extreme humidity. It has gone so far that the hospitals are forced to shut down the operation rooms due to high percent of relative humidity. Every day the operation rooms are shut down, the hospital can lose
up to $100,000 a day!

Polygon in the US saw an opportunity and contacted the hospitals in the state of New York to offer to help them out in this precarious situation.

“We realized that our HCU series is a perfect fit for this problem. Footprint of the units and power requirements are a contributing factor in winning these projects”, says Rich Shoemaker, Business Development Manager in Philadelphia.

Over the last several years Polygon US have supplied HCU-3000, 6000 and 8000 hybrid units for hospital applications with a focus on operation room suites in several hospitals in New York, among others Lenox
Hill Hospital, New York, Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, Phelps Hospital, Sleepy Hollow, Kingsbrook Jewish Memorial Hospital, Bronx and Staten Island Hospital.

“By helping the hospitals to keep the operation rooms open by improving the conditions in the suites, I really
believe that our equipment provides a safer environment for the patients. And it´s proved that the patients
will get their treatment, instead of waiting for the hospital to schedule a new operation in another hospital”,
says Rich Shoemaker.

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