European cooperation saves time and money for our customers

A fire in a large industrial complex in Denmark led to cross-border teamwork – a collaborative effort that has once again demonstrated Polygon’s superior capacity when it comes to large and complex assignments.

When a major industrial complex in Denmark was ravaged by fire, the fire department immediately contacted Claims Process Manager Michael L. Mølgaard at PolygonDB, who they had good previous experience of working with. Already during extinguishing stage, Michael and his team got busy removing water from the floors and in order to hopefully save the machinery in the property.

When the fire fighters had succeeded in getting the blaze under control, the insurance representatives found that far-reaching measures would be necessary to salvage the machinery. The insurance company contacted PolygonDB for the job.

Michael L. Mølgaard also realized that this assignment would demand enormous resources. With that in mind, he contacted POLYGONVATRO in Germany and the colleagues he had met at a meeting in Nyborg earlier in the year in connection with the acquisition of a company.

At short notice, POLYGONVATRO and its Large Loss department are able to mobilize extensive manpower and support Polygon throughout Europe for damage restoration of industries, shopping centers and other large-scale facilities when they are hit by a catastrophe,” says Michael.

In no time at all, the team from POLYGONVATRO was on site in Denmark and at the end of May they completed an intensive damage restoration process working side by side with PolygonDB. Everything went according to plan and the customer, the insurance company, is more than satisfied.

“The made a point of telling us what a great job we were doing and how professionally we had tackled the complicated task of saving the machinery,” says Michael.

Michael is impressed by how easy it was to collaborate with POLYGONVATRO and is fairly certain that they would not have managed this challenge without their German colleagues. And the respect is mutual. Both POLYGONVATRO and PolygonDB look forward to joining forces again in future projects. Together they will be able to take on bigger jobs that were formerly out of reach for PolygonDB.

“After our success in saving all of the machinery and finishing the job on schedule, I feel confident that PolygonDB and POLYGONVATRO can look forward to more collaborative assignments in Denmark,” concludes Michael L. Mølgaard.

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