Historic building wins ROT Prize 2021

An old coal building named Gasverket Hus 8 in Stockholm, Sweden, has undergone extensive renovation, and as a result, it has been awarded the prestigious ROT Prize. Polygon | AK has been responsible for the strategic environmental management coordination on behalf of CA Fastigheter.

Stockholm’s Byggmästareförening nominated six buildings for the award, but it was Gasverket Hus 8 that was announced as the winner. The old coal building has been recognised for its very high cultural-historical value, and its renovation that has been sympathetic and true to its original design.

Agata Ehlers, Environmental Consultant at Polygon | AK, has been responsible for the strategic environmental management coordination and ongoing reporting to the City of Stockholm. High environmental requirements must always be considered in combination with antiquarian requirements. The plan for the Gasworks area is to preserve its industrial core through modern architecture, whilst ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of thinking.

Environmental coordination and gentle renovation

One of Stockholm City's goals is for Norra Djurgårdsstaden to become a sustainable district and to be at the forefront of handling environmental and sustainability issues. As the building was previously used for the purification of coal gas, that produced environmentally hazardous waste, extensive decontamination preceded the renovation to ensure the building is fit for purpose. Exterior walls and windows have been gently renovated to preserve the building's cultural-historical value. Inside, the original trusses have been preserved, as well as walkways and existing ladders to the lantern. The project has placed great emphasis on a good and safe working environment, as well as meeting the high environmental requirements.

Jury’s motivation

“Gasverket's coal building receives the ROT award for the inspiring transformation of the building from an empty shell to an articulated beauty with future possibilities. The project exemplifies how the utilisation of existing values ​​can lead to qualitative, long-term and sustainable solutions. The building has been reused in its entirety, few materials have been removed and few new ones have been added. The project has defied the resistance that the building's previous pollution constituted.

The closed and inaccessible building has been reopened and given new relevance to school activities and students. The choice of tenant is a stroke of luck not only for the property but also for the development of the new district. The long-term ownership, conscious processes and the interplay between the client's, contractor's and architect's competence are key to the project's results and financial success. Gasverket Hus 8 also shows that good architecture built with qualitative materials can live a long time and play a central role in different eras.”

Polygon is proud to have been involved in the project and we look forward to more projects such as these in the future.

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