Polygon – the sustainable choice

A supplement paper to Dagens industri, Sweden’s leading daily financial newspaper, interviews Polygon regarding sustainable property damage control.

In Sweden, Water damages cost property owners and society around SEK 16 billion annually. In addition, a large part of the carbon dioxide emissions is caused by the production of new material. Therefore are, the preventive work, an effective drying process and the determination to dry construction and materials instead of demolishing important efforts.

“For instance, we are using new technology with remote monitors to ensure precise drying times, which means we can switch off the dryers at exactly the right time, which saves energy,” says Camilla Annerling Barck, Head of Sustainability at Polygon Group.  

In addition to this, Polygon is working to prevent water leaks before they occur, using innovative sensors that provide early detection of water leaks in properties. Camilla also highlights that Polygon's core business idea is to restore damaged property, rather than replace, which is more cost efficient and sustainable. Camilla continues; Polygon Sweden has an extensive knowledge in moisture-proof construction and various types of environmental services.

“We have the competence in, and experience of a building's entire life cycle and can help administrators, construction companies and owners in a cost-efficient way achieve a says Camilla. 

"We are very passionate about sustainable claims management, saving value both for the customer, the wallet and the environment. If everyone in the real estate industry thinks circularly, you can make a very big difference for the whole society. Polygon is a company that really wants to make a difference, so sustainability is a high priority area for us,” Camilla concludes. 

Read the full interview in Swedish HERE, see page 2.

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