Polygon and the digital leadership

Polygon prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate and is the European market leader in property manage control- a position the company managed to achieve by focusing on always delivering high quality.

When damage occurs Polygon must act quickly. Digitalization and new technology are important components in providing the best service and becoming the primary choice for the customer.

Polygon recently launched a new service to rationalize the property manager process and reduce the concerns of the residents in a damage situation. The solution became an app “SPARK” that provides information, documents as well as improving communication between residents and property managers.

SPARK is a method and concept that uses best practices from design thinking and Lean startup. Collaborative work with Polygon and their stakeholders created completely new insights that made it possible to deliver a service that created value, based on real needs.

“I was quite hard and expressed my high expectations"I want to see result in 4 months - from idea to reality" but we have delivered. I've never experienced that before in any IT project," says Jonas Granath, CCO & Deputy CEO, Polygon.

Are you interested in hearing more about the digital journey of Polygon? Listen to Jonas Granath at Moments in Gothenburg November 15th. Sign up here!

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