Polygon France helping students get back to school on time

After a rubbish bin caught fire outside a school in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, north of Paris, Polygon France was called in. The fire spread through the corridor and then into the building, creating a major disaster.

The customer, Sedgwick France, reached out to Polygon for this decontamination project. Polygon worked hard to clear and decontaminate the tables, chairs and computer equipment for three weeks. They also installed two nacelles to treat the ceilings and apply paint.

“The glass wool present in the ceilings and the current health crisis did not facilitate our intervention. In the middle of the heat wave, our teams were warmly dressed in waterproof work clothes, filter masks and gloves,” says Morgane Roche, HR Manager, at Polygon France.

One and a half weeks before the school started in France, the students of Montigny-lès-Cormeilles were able to return to their decontaminated school, without any trace of what had happened to their school during the holidays.

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