Polygon Switzerland strengthens its position in drying and leak detection

As a result of Polygon’s growth strategy and the market requirements, Polygon has decided to start up a new service line in Switzerland – Leak detection.

The new service offering will contain a team of existing and experienced employees. With the plan to fully expand their service and become a competent partner in the field of drying and leak detection, who are able to offer the service from one reliable source.

“The next step is to gain a foothold in the drying sector and market,” says Stefan Krieg, Head of Drying at Polygon Schweiz AG.

Due to the heavy floods this summer, Polygon Switzerland also rented a 900m2 warehouse to help with the damage after the storm in the canton of Schwyz.

“This enables us to offer our customers the best services. We now have enough space for large devices and are prepared and well equipped, with freezer containers for document recovery as an example”, says Fabian Burri, Country President at Polygon Switzerland.

Polygon Schweiz AG stands ready to support and help, Always by your Side.

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