Polygon working for a better environment

Polygon Norway was awarded a major contract by the insurance company Storebrand in 2017, covering all damage restoration in Norway. Polygon’s focus on environmental issues was the decisive factor that persuaded Storebrand to choose Polygon as its vendor.

“We have an edge over our competitors and we are the only candidate that could produce documentation showing that environmental thinking permeates everything we do – from which products we purchase to how we carry out the actual damage restoration process,” says Thore Jensen, Sales Manager in Polygon Norway.

For example, when it comes to Polygon’s environmental commitment it should also be mentioned that instead of replacing equipment, machinery, building structures, etc., they do their utmost to clear out, clean up, dry and repair all damaged property.

Storebrand previously used several different partners, but now Polygon will be the sole supplier. This means that Polygon will assist Storebrand with everything from water, fire and smoke damage and repair to oil spill cleanup and other environmentally-related damage. The contract has already led to a number of different assignments, not least as a result of heavy storms during last summer that caused extensive problems.

Storebrand has also started up a sustainability project where Storebrand, Maxbo and Polygon work together to use as environmentally friendly products as possible, in damage restoration assignments.

For Polygon, the continuous work of developing methods and processes that will further reduce the environmental impact doesn’t stop here.

At the moment we are studying the potential to replace parts of our fleet with plug-in electric vehicles, making us first in the industry to take this initiative,” says Thore Jensen.

The dialogue with the insurance company is good and Storebrand is highly satisfied with the work Polygon has performed for them so far.

Polygon is a company we trust, they offer good support to us, and their vision of being a responsible supplier is in line with our sustainable strategy. We are now taking our sustainability focus in sourcing one step further, with i.e. an increased climate focus. To achieve this we want to work together with our suppliers, and we think it´s great that Polygon Norway is doing their part and contributing to a low emissions society” says procurement manager,  Alexander Asbjørnsen at Storebrand.

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