Quick action by Polygon DB saved great values for Keolis

In the middle of the Easter celebrations, a large fire broke out at Keolis in Denmark, both in the bus workshop and in the administration building. Thanks to a quick intervention from Polygon DB, the damage was minimized, and the customer was able to breathe out, very satisfied with Polygon's actions.

At 02.08 on the night before Maundy Thursday, the hotline at Polygon DB in Copenhagen rang. The alarm was about a large building fire at Keolis, where both the workshop with buses and the administration building were on fire. As early as 02.23, Polygon's Duty Officer Michael L Mølgaard was on site, and was soon joined by five colleagues. They immediately began performing damage service to secure values ​​and limit damage.

- Our first measure was to save transport vehicles, says Michael. A total of 15 cars were moved from their place to a safe area so that they would not be damaged in the fire.

For the next 24 hours, intensive work continued for Michael and his colleagues, including rescuing computers, drivers' cash registers worth more than DKK 100,000, and moving documents and other equipment from various buildings to a safe place outside the fire area. Keoli's diesel tank containing about 36,000 liters was also emptied and transported from there. All this to ensure continued operation for Keolis.

- We also ordered a truck with equipment for dismantling and demolition, to make the fire as gentle as possible, says Michael. At all times, with great regard to leaving the accident site as untouched as possible, to facilitate the investigation that would determine the cause of the fire after Easter.

After the rescue service managed to put out the fire, Polygon's work continued to clean up and move things to safer places. They also started cleaning and cleaning Keoli's buses, with the help of Polygonvatro's DB department, which specializes in technical damage service. Polygon DB also started pumping oil separators to reduce the risk of environmental damage to the sewer network during the extinguishing work.

Work to clear up after the fire is still ongoing, a month later. The cooperation with subcontractors as well as the police, fire brigade and other authorities has worked very well and the customer, Keolis, cannot praise Polygon DB's efforts enough.

- Polygon DB ensured rapid commissioning of traffic already in the afternoon after the fire and has saved bus equipment, transport vehicles and other effects of great value. It has been, and is, a very professional and solid effort they have made. Both during and after the fire itself, says Johnny Bek, quality manager at Keolis.

Polygon's Duty Officer Michael L Mølgaard is also very pleased with the efforts of his employees and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved.

- With the results in hand, I think we have solved the task in a very satisfactory way. It is precisely these results that make me think customers choose Polygon over competitors in similar situations. We are extremely solution-oriented and have extensive experience when it comes to damage of this magnitude.

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