Swedish award to Polygon Austria

Every year the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Austria (www.swecham.at) presents the “Swedish Business Award”, a distinction aimed at highlighting successful companies that have made an especially positive contribution to strengthening economic relations between Austria and Sweden over the years.

“Today I´m very proud of being the country president for Polygon Austria, but I have to say that this award belongs to the employees of Polygon Austria. With their diligent work, day in and day out, they make a big difference to the development of our company,” says Christian Kohl, Country President of Polygon Austria.

Motivation of the jury: 
“Polygon Austria takes care of 10 000 fire and water 
damages every year, and 275,000 worldwide. Polygon helps people get back to normal when disaster strikes. With its core values of Integrity, Empathy and Excellence, Polygon Austria has established its presence in the challenging Austrian market in just a few years.

Polygon Austria has roughly 100 full time employees. With annual business growth of 12% and with a target to achieve at least one acquisition every year, Polygon uses its Swedish heritage as a base, translating Swedish Corporate Culture into an Austrian Pragmatic way, and is an excellent example of new Swedish companies in the Austrian market. Polygon Austria has even become a benchmark in the global Polygon group.”

Polygon is a Global Expert and the European market leader in Property Damage Control. On 3 continents and in 13 countries, our 3.000 specialists prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate. Our innovative and tailor-made solutions combine people, knowledge and technology for a wide range of customer segments.

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