ATEX innovation helps safely deliver project on time

When Bilfinger Salamis, a market leading service provider for the energy generation industry, was commissioned to blast and paint the Britannia platform in the North Sea, its project managers knew that one important condition of the contract would be the provision of ATEX certified dehumidification equipment. In December 2012 there was only one provider in the UK capable of delivering such equipment – Polygon.

Water, Technical reconditioning

Car decontamination

Polygon received a flood damaged vehicle for decontamination and restoration. The vehicle, a BMW 330d Estate 2007 was badly damaged, with water logged seats and mould forming on the rear seat.

Climate, Technical reconditioning

Sustainable energy

Compared to the rest of Europe, the Netherlands have relatively little sustainable energy. One goal for the Dutch government is for 14% of all energy requirements to be sustainable by the year 2020. By 2023 their aim is for 8 million households to get their energy from wind power instead of non-sustainable sources. This means that a lot of new wind turbines need to be built.


Training facility for water damage

At the end of February, a new training facility for simulation of water damage was inaugurated at Polygon’s head office in Huntington, United Kingdom. The facility is more advanced than anything of its kind built before, and is part of Polygon UK’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Water, Leak detection

Heroes of the sea

When the 110-meter long gas tanker - the Lotus - was involved in a collision off the coast of Antwerp in October 2015, Polygon’s engineers got to show what they were made of in a way they had seldom experienced before.