Case studies

Water, Technical reconditioning

Car decontamination

Polygon received a flood damaged vehicle for decontamination and restoration. The vehicle, a BMW 330d Estate 2007 was badly damaged, with water logged seats and mould forming on the rear seat.


Training facility for water damage

At the end of February, a new training facility for simulation of water damage was inaugurated at Polygon’s head office in Huntington, United Kingdom. The facility is more advanced than anything of its kind built before, and is part of Polygon UK’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Water, Leak detection

Heroes of the sea

When the 110-meter long gas tanker - the Lotus - was involved in a collision off the coast of Antwerp in October 2015, Polygon’s engineers got to show what they were made of in a way they had seldom experienced before.

Water, Climate

Play it cool

During work on the new terminal at Norway’s largest airport, Gardemoen, the general contractor made an alarming discovery in the spring of 2015. The building features a special roof structure. Unfortunately, the plywood that had been used under the roof had suffered mould damage as a result of the wet spring weather.

Water, Leak detection

Empathy at work

When an older English woman returned home after a short trip, she was greeted by a very unpleasant surprise: her boiler had sprung a leak, causing extensive damage throughout the house. But what started as a disaster for the woman ended on a happy note for everyone involved. We are always by our customers’ side!