Cases – Leak detection

Fast and effective leak detection goes swimmingly well for pool owner

Polygon’s Leak Detection Service provides a non-destructive solution to finding hidden leaks. In contrast to traditional methods of large-scale excavation, Polygon utilise specialist equipment coupled with technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money. As the weather gets warmer, plumbers, installers and swimming pool engineers are called as customers discover they have a leak in their swimming pool – often due to the freezing temperatures during the winter months.

This is what happened

When a customer noticed they were losing around 5 cm of water from their concrete constructed pool every day, they called the original installer in to find the leak. The search was unsuccessful, so the installer called Polygon, the European market leader in property damage restoration and pioneer
in leak detection. 

This is what we did

As a first step Tracer gas was employed to measure the pressure of the water inlet and a pressure drop was noted. Further tests to other water feeds were conducted, with no drop in pressure indicated, suggesting that the water feeds were in order. As a last resort the pool had to be emptied and inspections of the pool lights were undertaken. It became evident that the seal between the cable and flush box was deficient and water had penetrated the lights. After closer inspection it was clear that
the light box was leaking. Remedial action was quickly undertaken by the installer.

The result

The fast and efficient discovery of the leak by Polygon enabled a quick repair and little disruption to the customer.