Polygon launching app

Today Polygon, a global provider of property damage restoration, temporary humidity control and property performance services, has launched its innovative Psychrometric iPhone app.

‘PsycIt’ delivers a valuable time-saving tool for site managers, quantity surveyors, architects, engineers and HVAC technical staff by promptly and accurately calculating the properties of the air on-site; therefore quickly and precisely computing the difference in an air sample through a piece of equipment or in a room allowing a more accurate assessment of the time needed to efficiently dry the area.

‘PsycIt’ represents an interesting innovation in the assessment of psychometric calculations, including wet and dry bulb, vapour pressure, enthalpy, relative humidity, dew point and humidity ratio. Simple to use, it’s capable of calculating the most complex air-moisture combinations. The most important benefit of this iPhone app is that it eliminates the need to use a cumbersome psychometric chart in the field.

“For the construction industry, delays in completing building projects lead to financial penalties, a loss of reputation and, ultimately, a loss of business in the long term. That’s why ‘PsycIt’ is an extremely valuable tool,” said Alex Kiffen, EVP Sales and Marketing at Polygon. “It quickly delivers a precise calculation of the air properties needed so the user can be confident of the accuracy of the results.”

Currently available for the iPhone, in Full or Lite versions, the app will be available for Blackberry later this year. The Full version has the capability to calculate process loads as well as allowing mixing of multiple air streams. Both
‘PsycIt’ apps enable easy input and output of ambient conditions, blended air calculations, system work, and promptly provide accurate readings in both imperial and metric.

Currently, available in six languages, with more to be added soon, the Full version costs $7.99 and the Lite version is free to download from the iStore.