Safeguarding Heritage: Preventing the Top 10 Agents of Deterioration

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Arguably, the cornerstone of safeguarding archives and collections lies in prevention, which makes understanding potential threats crucial. This is why The Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian Conservation Institute have compiled a list of the top 10 agents of deterioration, identifying the primary hazards to historical objects. This compilation aims to assist in preventing and protecting valuable collections, whether housed in museums or homes.


The Art of Document Restoration

Document Recovery

Document restoration is an art. The historical objects we often hold most precious – documents, manuscripts and paper works of art, for instance – are by their very nature susceptible to damage. For example, consider that in 1998, conservators replaced the 1950s casement previously surrounding the U.S. Constitution.


4 Proactive and Responsive Strategies

Catastrophe Response, Disaster Preparedness, Document Recovery, Mold Damage, Remote Monitoring and Control

Safeguarding your documents, collection, and archives requires planning and partnerships beyond simply having a number to call after a disaster. Businesses and organizations are taking a multi-pronged approach to ensure they minimize potential damage and protect the materials they depend on and care about. Consider these 4 strategies to strengthen your program.


Webinar: CCAHA - Working with Emergency Service Providers

Catastrophe Response, Disaster Preparedness, Document Recovery

The best-laid (collections emergency) plans aren’t complete without a list of people and organizations that can be called on to help in the event of a disaster, especially as the potential for natural disasters increase with climate change. The Conservation Center is one of those resources, but what about other emergency planning and recovery vendors? If your organization is in need of services like large-scale dehumidification, vacuum freeze drying, or serious mold remediation, do you know who you would call? What you should expect?


Emergency Preparedness: The 4 R's

Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Document Recovery

With storm season approaching it’s important to prepare your archives to the best of your ability. Polygon sponsored CoSA in creating an emergency preparedness resource page with some in-depth checklists and information for your archives. In this blog we’ll be sharing the 4 “Rs” which represent the 4 stages of emergency preparedness, Risk, Readiness, Response, and Recovery.