Moisture inspection to eliminate future water damage

In Vaxholm, an island in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, a housing society is considering replacing the roofs of their buildings. However, they are not sure about the condition of their attics and whether anything needs to be repaired before making this investment. Polygon Sweden steps in to help the customer with this question by conducting a status inspection of all 114 attics in the association.

After two rounds of initial inspections of the attics in the idyllic small-town area, an offer is sent and quickly approved. Shortly thereafter, four moisture technicians begin the visual inspection to assess the condition of the attics.

During the hottest days of summer, Karl-Gunnar Roos (K-G), a technician from Polygon's Stockholm depot, was one of the workers on site. "The only way we could access the attics was from the outside, so we climbed up a ladder onto the roof of each two-story house and jumped down into the opening. To work safely several stories up in the air, we always went two by two," K-G says.

All attic spaces were inspected and color-coded according to the need for action - green, yellow, and red - like traffic lights. "The houses were built in 1993, so we were prepared for some damage. To our surprise, we found only two red areas out of 114," K-G says. "Among all these attic spaces, two active leaks were discovered, but most things looked unexpectedly healthy. Good ventilation in the houses has prevented, among other things, condensation in the attics and therefore moisture had minimal impact in the spaces," he explains.

It took the four technicians four days to go through the attics, which all had different levels of storage and accessibility. The housing society board was more than satisfied with the decision to review the attic spaces before the major roof renovation.

Projects like these highlight the importance of Polygon’s preventative and investigative services, with sustainability at heart. By first conducting a thorough moisture inspection, the housing society invested in a lasting renovation of the attics, which reduced the risk of future damages and potentially costly maintenance.

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Quick summary

  • A housing society in Sweden in need of a moisture inspection before renovation work
  • Polygon technicians inspect 114 attics in the community
  • Status inspections reveal water damages
  • Water damages are to be dealt with, prior to the renovation work
  • A sustainable solution - to prevent future damages and further costly maintenance

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