Polygon at work: An unusual customer

Polygon Denmark step in to help clean up a zoo after a fire breaks out. Not only did the Denmark team do a great job, but they also got the opportunity to witness a giraffe giving birth to its calf.

In June 2022 a fire broke out in a stable at a zoo in Frederiksberg, Denmark. The fire spread to neighbouring buildings causing extensive damage throughout the area. To ensure the safety of the animals many of them had to be evacuated, and luckily none of them got injured.

Polygon on site

Two Polygon employees were assigned to the project. They were tasked with dismantling equipment, clearing away any soot and water and reassembling two broken machines. The machines were located at the entrance of the giraffe enclosure, which gave the team front row seats to see the giraffes which isn’t an everyday occurrence! When our technicians arrived at the site, a giraffe calf had just been born, still encased in the amniotic sac which both technicians were able to witness.

“It was generally just a great day at Polygon!” says Pernille Skjoldborg, one of the technicians.

Not your regular customer

The work had to be done during closing hours, so there was minimal disruption to the animals, visitors and the Polygon technicians. This also meant the technicians got the chance to talk to some of the zookeepers and see more animals around the zoo. Certainly, a job to remember for our team!

“You never know where a job might take you, what the extent of the damage will be or who you will end up meeting. But we are always there to help, no matter how wild the experiences can get. This is why I love my job at Polygon!” says Pernille.

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