Polygon presents innovative solutions at the iTanks event in the Netherlands

During iTanks Innovation Check “Surface Treatment” event, Polygon had the privilege to present our Temporary Climate Solutions for a large audience in the industry.

iTanks is a knowledge and innovation platform for the port-related industries that has the ability to connect companies, knowledge institutes and industry experts with one another and introduce these parties to the latest technology and the innovations from within and outside the sector.

Michiel Hoebee, Account Manager, and Eddy van Oers, Regional Manager for Temporary Climate Solutions at Polygon in the Netherlands presented Polygon's Temporary Climate Solutions to over 100 technicians and managers in the industry. The solutions included ways to prevent corrosion and work process downtime during maintenance work by drying, heating, cooling and ventilation. As well as conditioning tanks and rooms for inspecting, treating, and preserving the surfaces of industrial installations.

Polygon in the Netherlands offers a remote monitoring innovation in which fuel is saved by means of switching the equipment off and on remotely via an app when the target has been achieved. They often use sorption dryers and heaters for conditioning, such as the MOH 385.

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