Uniting Efforts Across Polygon to Aid Norway's Flood Recovery

In the aftermath of the powerful storm “Hans” that swept through Northern Europe, Norway experienced the full force of its effects, facing severe floods, landslides, and infrastructure damage. The situation led to the evacuation of many. During this crisis, Polygon has stepped up to play a crucial role in the restoration process, as more than 7,000 flood-related insurance claims have been filed, highlighting Polygon's vital contribution.

Steinar Jokstad, Polygon Norway's Major and Complex Claims Project Manager, has been at the heart of the response, visiting the hard-hit area of Drammen, Norway. He explains the challenges on the ground, describing how water levels varied from a few centimeters to fully submerged basements. The aftermath of the floods caused chaos as water disrupted belongings and created logistical challenges.

Polygon Norway is currently experiencing one of its busiest periods in years. Steinar elaborates, "We're available day and night, working tirelessly from morning till late hours to help remove water and set up drying equipment to limit the extent of the damage."

Extending support beyond restoration

While water pumping is possible in some cases, situations change when dealing with basements located in the watercourse. Water beneath houses requires careful handling to prevent unintended consequences like house displacement. Polygon's approach shifts to installing drying equipment, like dehumidifiers, to improve air circulation and prevent the growth of mold and fungus.

In the spirit of our commitment, Steinar and his team extend their dedication beyond the technical aspects, engaging with affected families and individuals. Some are resilient, having faced similar situations before, while others are deeply distressed and in need of emotional support. Polygon's assistance goes beyond practical help; it extends to providing an empathetic presence, easing emotional burdens during these trying times.

As Polygon's involvement in Norway's flood recovery endures, its positive impact resonates far beyond physical restoration. Through unwavering dedication, integrity, excellence, and empathetic engagement, the organization not only restores infrastructure but also uplifts the spirits of those weathering the aftermath of the storm. This steadfast commitment ensures that Polygon stands firmly with the affected communities, demonstrating our values in action when they matter most.

Shared commitment to recovery

Polygon Norway’s CCO, Thore Jensen, shares insight into this ongoing effort, stating, "Our exceptional employees are doing an incredible job. This project will extend for months to come. Our initial focus is on prioritizing aid where it's most needed. In the subsequent phase, we will contribute to the restoration work."

Global Collaboration

Polygon’s cross-border collaboration shines as equipment, including dryers and dehumidifiers, has also been borrowed from our fellow colleagues in the United Kingdom. This collaborative effort underscores our robust global network, where we join forces when the situation demands.

As Polygon Group's involvement unfolds, its influence extends well beyond immediate relief. Through dedicated efforts, expert knowledge, and empathetic engagement, Polygon goes beyond mere restoration, cementing our role as a steadfast ally in challenging times. These actions of unity and unwavering support embody the very essence of our guiding principles, reinforcing our commitment to standing "Always by your side."

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