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Polygon in collaboration with Copenhagen Emergency Services


Polygon Denmark has won a tender for a 4-year-long contract with the Copenhagen Municipality, where Polygon will work alongside the fire emergency city services. A valuable tender, including much important work in the future for Polygon Denmark.

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Healthy indoor air - humidity control in crawl space


Children and staff members of a day-care centre just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, complained about a lingering odour in their facility. An inspection was ordered. The inspection determined that the foundation of their building was in poor condition, creating the odour. Polygon Sweden was hired to fix the problem by cleaning, demolishing, measuring moisture levels and installing dehumidifiers in the 1200 square meter crawl space beneath the floor of the day-care.

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Polygon decontaminates fire-hit Italian farm building


Situated on the stunning Italian countryside is the broken structure of a fire damaged poultry farmhouse, that due to a blaze this summer burnt down. The building was severely damaged and polluting organic materials and exposed asbestos meant the site required professional decontamination. Polygon stepped in to help.

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Complicated project behind an ancient façade


In November 2017, a devastating fire broke out in a property on Biblioteksgatan in central Stockholm, Sweden. The interior of a historic property was completely destroyed, while thankfully the stone façade, inspired by medieval architecture, remained. Work has now begun to build a new property inside the unique 120-year-old façade. The property owner, Hufvudstaden, has hired Polygon Sweden as the environmental coordinator and an advisor in moisture safety in this significant and spectacular project.

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Young Talent within Polygon: Daphne Mooiman


We at Polygon value our employees highly and recognise when exceptional work has been done. Daphne Mooiman, an up incoming talent in Polygon Netherlands, has climbed the ladder from Administrative Assistant to Project Manager, in just around a year’s time. With a strong sense of our brand promise of being Always by Your Side, the professional potential in our business is substantial.

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