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Polygon Group continues to grow and expand its footprint in the UK.


Polygon Group, a leading multinational player in property damage control, continues its ongoing expansion and strengthening of its footprint in the UK through the acquisition of FSH Group Limited (FSH). Polygon UK has broadened its service offerings through several acquisitions in recent years, and FSH, with an annual turnover of approximately €20 million and over 200 employees, specialises in reconstruction services, making it an excellent match for Polygon UK.

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An interview with Axel Gränitz


“The Polygon Model was developed to be in the minds of all our employees. It is really about our values, our products, and our overall integrity”, Axel Gränitz explains.

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International Women’s Day at Polygon


Today at Polygon, we honour the International Women’s Day of 2023. We want to uplift women in our organisation, by introducing some employees who are out at sites everyday doing important work for our customers. Their work is what makes up our business and success. We would also like to feature Marlies van der Meulen-Sahni, Country President of Polygon Netherlands.

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Restorations with a light hand – religious art statues


At the Museum 't Oude Slot, in the Dutch city of Veldhoven, a glass shelf in a display cabinet collapsed, damaging precious statues. The unfortunate event occurred in February of last year, and the museum quickly approached Polygon’s VANWAARDE team to restore the art. With VANWAARDE’s skill in delicate restoration, the objects were given new life.

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Always By Your Side – New Year's fire emergency


When our team in Polygon Denmark arrived at the scene of a major roof fire in a residential building, they knew that it would be an “all-nighter-effort”. Despite it being New Year’s Eve, they instantly got started on the urgent issues with initial damage control, as firefighters were still gaining control of the blaze. The project resulted in a 20–24-hour long effort. Here, we speak to Michael, a Polygon project leader, to find out more.

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