Delivering Response, Reliability and Results in the environment, in society and in governance.


Polygon provides property damage restoration and temporary humidity control across the globe and is the European market leader in property damage restoration. Through the continuous development of its people, services and processes, it strives to delight customers by outstanding Response, Reliability and Results and be seen as a good place to work by its employees; thereby becoming the market leader in its chosen markets and achieve the best financial performance in the industry.

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Polygon acquires Rapid Refile


Andover, MA. December 18, 2012 - Polygon US Corporation, a leader in document restoration, announced today the acquisition of Rapid Refile LLC., a leading provider of document recovery, drying, scanning, and restoration services headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Polygon acquires Lora Construction to provide full service model in Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada – June 14, 2012 Polygon - Canada has today announced the acquisition of Lora Construction, a leading company specializing in the renovation of properties damaged by fire, water or natural disaster.

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Polygon acquires AK Konsult


Polygon AB has signed an agreement to acquire AK Konsult Indoor Air AB. AK Konsult is the leading property moisture control consultancy in Scandinavia, and is specialized in damage assessments and projects to improve indoor air climate for professional property owners.

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