POLYGONVATRO opens second Technical Centre in Magdeburg


A new Technical Centre has been opened in Magdeburg, in order for POLYGONVATRO to respond more efficiently when their support is needed. With this new centre, POLYGONVATRO will be able to take on new missions, across new areas of Germany and keep spreading their knowledge and services.

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Polygon wins Triton Environmental and Governance awards!


Polygon has been awarded two of Tritons Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) awards despite stiff competition from Triton’s other portfolio companies. These awards emphasise the company´s increased environmental activities, and confirms our commitment to ensuring compliance as we engage with the governance agenda.

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Working with Polygon ́s Climate Control Services in Tripla - The Construction Site of the Year


YIT's multi-billion-class construction project Tripla is located in Pasila, in Helsinki. This modern mega-project has been investing in modern operating methods and earned the prestigious award, “The Construction Site of the Year 2018”. Polygon's climate control services support the quality of the construction project.

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Polygon acquires Tehokuivaus Oy to strengthen our market position in Finland


Polygon has signed an agreement to acquire the shares of Tehokuivaus Oy. The acquisition will strengthen Polygon Finland in the area of water and fire damage restoration and add around 60 employees and a turnover of around 7 MEUR.

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Polygon acquires The Plastic Surgeon Holdings Limited in UK


Polygon has acquired The Plastic Surgeon Holdings Limited in UK on 10th May 2019. The acquisition will strengthen Polygon UK’s position in the area of property restoration and hard surface repairs. The acquisition will add 239 employees and annual sales of £13 million.

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