Anti-Slavery Statement

Anti-Slavery Statement

Polygon UK takes very seriously, its obligations under leglislation and guidelines and will never knowingly deal with an organisation connected to slavery in any form. This statement sets out the action taken to ensure slavery is not part of Polygon, as required by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 ("the Act").

Our business provides property and contents damage restoration services and climate control solutions across the UK for both  commercial and domestic properties, Polygon is not aware of any area of its operations which is likely to lead to breach of the Act.

Due diligence and Supply Chain

Polygon does not, and will not, work with any party that we suspect is connected in any way with slavery or any other employment practices which contravene legislation, and guidelines. Checks are carried out before engaging with any new supplier or customer and this due diligence is ongoing. These checks verify that the entity, and the individuals related to it, are not involved with, or suspected of, slavery, bribery, corruption or any other unlawful activity. Polygon strives to comply with all applicable laws, including the Act, and contractually requires any party with which it deals to do the same.


Polygon is currently not aware of any issues related to the Act. Our plan is to continue to apply the processes detailed above to ensure this remains the case.