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Smoke damage restoration solutions from Polygon UK

Smoke Damage Restoration involves the specialist process of decontaminating an affected area using fire damage cleaning products.

What is smoke damage?

Smoke damage is frequently disregarded as it often remains invisible to the naked eye. However, the toxins and chemicals released by smoke particles can lead to future health complications like respiratory problems and even premature death if affected materials are not promptly removed and properly decontaminated by experts. This is why it is crucial to emphasise the significance of entrusting the full decontamination of your home or business to a professional property damage control company that provides smoke damage restoration services, using the suitable fire damage cleaning products. 

Several factors influence smoke behaviour in fire damage situations: room and surrounding air temperature, electrostatics and particles, and airflow patterns. These elements collectively determine how smoke moves and spreads 

How can smoke damage affect your home?

When various materials burn, the components of the smoke they produce may differ. If a substance includes chlorides (such as plastics or PVC), burning can release these in large amounts and travel with the smoke. Subsequently, these chlorides have the potential to deposit onto surfaces along with smoke particles.  

  • Within the first day: Grout is stained, bath fixtures and counter tops yellow. 
  • 3 – 5 days later: Painted walls may yellow permanently, and metal begins to corrode. 
  • Within 2 weeks: Carpet fibres will yellow permanently.  

Acting swiftly is crucial when addressing the aftermath of a house fire, as delaying cleanup efforts can worsen the damage and impact. 

How do we clean?

There are various methods available for decontaminating smoke, dust and soot, which may differ depending on the situation. We use suitable fire damage cleaning products for tasks like pressure washing, air scrubbing/cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or thermal odour removal. Our first choice to smoke damaged contents is decontamination if it cannot be repaired, we will dispose of the items in the correct way. 

Smoke damage restoration cost

The restoration cost of smoke damage is decided through your insurance company who will cover the cost depending on your type of insurance.  

If you are unsure, please contact your insurance company directly or alternatively call Polygon on 01480 442327 and a member of our team will be happy to guide you through the process.  


How do I clean smoke damage? 

Where possible we prefer you don't start any cleaning process as it can make the damage worse which can cause an increase to time spent on the restoration process and claim cost. 

Depending on the type of residue there may be different techniques, such as a dry clean method which includes vacuuming articles followed by a dry soot sponge. Heavy contamination may require a wet clean using an alkaline product, which counteracts the acid in the soot. We can install HEPA particle filters to draw out soot particles in the air and ensure safe air to breathe. 

Call us today on 01480 442327 to find out how we can help you with smoke damage restoration solutions. 

How much does smoke damage restoration cost? 

Households have an average cover of £50,000, this may seem a lot but can add up with extensive damage to your home. It's a time-consuming restoration with specialist processes. 

How to restore smoke damaged books? 

Where possible our technicians will test and clean on site. Depending on your type of cover we may offer our document restoration services, Harwell. On site, your specialist fire technicians will begin by using dry cleaning methods and vacuuming soot off the damaged contents. 

How to restore smoke damaged furniture? 

Depending on the type of furniture such as sentimental wood furniture we can send it to our specialist restoration team. Sofas can be wet cleaned, but our technicians will always conduct a shrink test before any work is carried out to ensure the contents aren't damaged further. This can be followed up by an ozone treatment at one of our depots. 



Emergency 24 hr service

01480 442327


  • Restoration work takes time.
  • Make sure you are sufficiently insured.
  • Check experience and reputation before contracting a restoration company.
  • Objects with a personal or sentimental value that are moderately damaged by fire, such as antiques, art, photographs, etc. can often be restored.

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