Case studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

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A water tank in a reservoir complex based in Oxfordshire, that supplies up to 90MI of water per day to 150,000 customers required maintenance. The water storage tank, a key component of a municipality’s water distribution system needs to be maintained, enabling it to meet the superior standards required. Any maintenance work that needs to be completed has to be carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact to the customers that it serves.


Under pressure to get the required maintenance work completed quickly, the contractor needed to enlist the help of a company who specialised in temporary climate solutions prior to the coatings being applied. The tank needed to be dried out, as the advanced paint coating systems that are necessary to re-line the tanks require specific environmental conditions, otherwise the tank could be immediately subjected to a breakdown of the lining if the concrete was not dry prior to application. If humidity levels were too high in the tank and not controlled, it could result in increased project costs due to loss of time, loss of materials and wasted labour hours.


The contracting company, Stonbury, a market leading contractor to the water industry, carried out the refurbishment work. High pressure water jets, up to 3,000psi, were used. By using a turbo nozzle, they were able to remove any loose debris and aggregate in preparation for the concrete repairs and coatings to the tanks. It quickly became clear that Polygon’s market leading expertise in providing temporary climate control systems could assist them in re-lining the water tank in even the harshest conditions.

Polygon’s experienced and highly trained team were called in to dry out the tank areas. This was done using a high-volume heater which provided indirect, heated, dry air to the tank chamber. By utilising Polygon’s state of the art climate control equipment, it allowed:

  • Conditions to be closely monitored throughout the entire re-coat process
  • The contractor to receive only the equipment required to meet the project demands
  • The unique environmental conditions due to the moisture sensitivity of the coatings to be met.


  • Faster coating: With dry air protection, you can blast and coat around-the-clock, during any weather and hold the blast for as long as necessary. Polygon is able to control the dewpoint temperature to meet NACE guidelines, eliminating any possibility of lining breakdown.
  • Improved coating: You can achieve improved coating life through a monolithic application and use high performance coatings, knowing that dry air protection will allow you to begin the second coat within 24 hours.
  • Agreeable working conditions: Polygon can combine chillers and desiccant dehumidification to provide cool, dry air to the tank. Allowing OSHA temperature standards to be met and higher worker productivity to be achieved.
  • Quiet operation: Polygon electric regenerated dehumidification systems run silently.
  • Contaminant free: Polygon dehumidifiers introduce no foreign matter into the coating environment. You get dried air of the same quality as the air found outside the tank.
  • Lower coating costs: With Polygon, your labour costs are reduced by up to 35% since delays from weather changes or daily start up and clean-up are eliminated.
  • Lower equipment costs: Polygon enables you to reduce running costs.

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