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Helping the Damage Management Industry Tackle Sustainability

Polygon’s pledge to restore vs replace

Polygon has a genuine commitment to helping the environment, which is shown through our pledge to restore rather than replace. When it comes to refurbishment and repairs, simple measures such as reusing materials can help to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. It is said that the reuse of materials can actually save up to 95 percent of embodied carbon emissions1.

Over the years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in the way the world treats belongings. It was instilled to wartime generations that “make do and mend” should always be the first option; however, this has become less common over the years and a disposable culture has developed. Polygon believes that restoration should always be seen as the first step when rectifying damage. Restoration should also be celebrated more, as it has many benefits; it helps to cut down on waste (which is better for the environment), reunites policyholders with their original items (with possible sentimental value), all whilst saving money for insurers and policyholders.

Polygon’s Electrical Damage Restoration Service

Polygon’s continued efforts to help sustainability within the industry has also been shown through the new appointment of Marcus Warrington, Electronic Restoration and Salvage Manager, and the creation of the Electronic Restoration department within Polygon UK & Ireland. Whenever a house has suffered from a flood or fire, it is likely that there are many electrical items that are damaged too, such as TVs, IT equipment and white goods... etc.  Polygon can now offer an in-house service to help restore these items. This is important to Polygon as we are conscious that there is an assumption that if an item is small, then it should be replaced over restored. But now, with the help of Marcus and his team, we can offer restoration services for all electrical items, big or small.  

Get in touch with the Electrical Restoration department by emailing or call 01543 686114

Leak detection with Polygon’s PolyStop

An escape of water is a stressful situation and can lead to serious property damage. Whether the escape of water has appeared due to a slow dripping leak, a burst pipe or has entered the property from a nearby flood, these all have devastating effects. As well as being devastating for the recipient, did you know that water leaks also have a large impact on the environment too? One of the biggest environmental problems with a leak is the amount of water that is wasted; it is said that there is over 3 million litres of water leaked every day in the UK, which is the equivalent of filling 1,268 Olympic swimming pools per day2. It begs the question that if you have a smoke alarm, then why wouldn’t you have a leak detection alarm too? By installing Polygon’s leak prevention technology, PolyStop, you have access to 24/7 data knowledge about leaks, malfunctions and unusual water usage. The web-based dashboard allows monitoring, supervision and control of consumption, supported by a smart phone app to control and supervise when you are off-site. You can also stop the water flow remotely.

Would you like to find out more about PolyStop? Get in touch with us on

To find out more about sustainability at Polygon UK, turn to page 37.



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