Gender pay statement

Polygon UK is committed to being a truly inclusive place to work, where everyone can reach their full potential based on merit alone. This is not only the right thing to do, but it is vital for the success of our business. We review all colleagues’ pay annually and check to ensure we offer equal pay within equal roles, regardless of gender. We have now conducted the analysis as at 5th April 2017 in accordance with the UK gender pay gap regulations and present our results below.

Difference in hourly pay between men and women

  Mean *  Median **
Gap 9.3% 10.2%
Bonus Gap 0.6% -95% ***


 * Mean: a comparison of the average hourly pay (excluding bonus) for a woman with that of a man.

** Median: a comparison of the ‘middle’ hourly pay (excluding bonus) for a woman and a man if all pay amounts were sorted from low to high

*** Negative value indicates difference in favour of women

Proportion of women and men who recieved bonus

79.2% 65.5%

 Proportion of women and men in each pay quartile 

Upper Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lower Quartile


Overall, our UK workforce is 24% female and 76% male, with our external field-based colleagues being 98% male. This is a similar proportion to the general UK restoration industry.

At 9.3%, our gender pay gap is significantly lower than the Office of National Statistics (ONS) average figure of 18.1%. Our pay gap results from us having more men than women occupying higher paid roles such as managerial, technical, specialist, or operating as field based technicians.

Our sector has long struggled with its diversity. We’re focusing on how we can encourage more women into our company and we will continue to make all roles accessible to everyone and create genuine opportunities for talented people.

Our aim is to ensure Polygon is a great place to work where everybody feels valued, included and empowered. We have a culture of promoting from within and always on the basis of merit. We actively encourage ideas and challenge to make us a better business.

I confirm the accuracy of the data reported.

Jeremy Sykes
Managing Director