Responsible business

It is our responsibility to conduct sustainable business practices and achieve good financial development based on high ethical standards and respectful behaviour towards individuals, society and the environment. We expect our people to lead by example, with our values of integrity, excellence and empathy as their core principles. The Polygon Model, our Code of Conduct, other Group and local policies guide our efforts.

The Code of Conduct is Our Foundation

The Polygon Code of Conduct outlines the main principles of our corporate responsibility, as well as the personal, ethical and professional principles that all Polygon employees should adhere to. These principles guide our relations with Polygon colleagues as well as with customers, suppliers and society. 

The Polygon Code of Conduct rests on the principle that every employee is responsible for his or her own professional behaviour. Code of Conduct implementation is monitored by locally appointed compliance officers as well as by the Group compliance officer. All employees should take an e-learning course covering the Code of Conduct every second year. The course helps employees learn about the Code and includes a test
and confirmation that they understand and comply with the Code of Conduct. During 2019, a responsible business partner policy that reflects the Code of Conduct has been rolled out. 

Anti-corruption and Anti-trust

During 2019, the anti-corruption and anti-trust training was updated and the new version, which will be available in all relevant local languages, will be rolled out 2020. All group e-learning courses should be completed bi-annually by all employees. In addition, there is a gift register and a whistle-blower phoneline to ensure ethical business conduct. Inspirational videos that feature examples of how we address sustainability in various parts of Polygon are also being distributed to employees. 

While Our Responsibility is a unified approach, it allows room for adaptation to local legislation and conditions. Each course is available in the languages spoken in our countries of operation. In addition, Polygon’s business model is designed to guarantee that we take ethical responsibility in everything we do, in combination with sustainable financial development. 

Since 2018, Polygon UK has held Green Company status in the Achilles Accreditation, which is a supply chain audit standard focused on providing insight on risk mitigation, sustainability and business performance, and is relied on by safety-critical industries and governments worldwide. The Green Company status gives
Polygon UK increased opportunities to collaborate with specialist businesses around the country, develop innovation, and address industry challenges to benefit supply-chain practice. The accreditation was renewed in 2019, with a unique result of 100 percent scores across the full range of assessed areas − Environmental,
Health & Safety and Quality.

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