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Major & Complex Claims

Major & Complex Claims Loss Recovery

In the event of a commercial or major complex loss claim, every second counts. No matter what type of loss, the sooner the mitigation works start the greater the chance for total recovery, including the affected business.

In the event of damage to structural surfaces, detailed works may be required to remove any contaminants caused by fire or water ingress. We install drying equipment to start the drying process, in order to mitigate loss, even when a claim is in its infancy and there may be no liability accepted.

At Polygon we understand that each commercial or complex loss claim requires a bespoke solution to ensure satisfaction for all stakeholders without exception. Expert Project Management is the key to delivering successful restoration and recovery projects. Our dedicated team of experienced project managers and highly trained technicians have been specifically recruited, for their industry experience in managing multiple types of complex losses; they are fully trained in fire and water damage restoration and ready 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to the needs of our commercial clients.

For more information on solutions available to you, please contact us on 0800 0855 134 or email:

Our experienced Project Managers, Supervisors and Technicians, across the UK are well versed in dealing with a variety projects. Some of our core services in support of Major and Complex Claims include:

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What is a Major or Complex Claim?

A major or complex claim typically refers to a large loss or damage of a commercial property, which partially or completely halts business operations. These types of claims often involve discussions with your insurance provider.


Why choose Polygon for Major & Complex Claims?

  • The Polygon Major & Complex Claims Team have the largest range of privately owned drying equipment in the Damage Management industry, not only in the UK but across Europe, North America and the Far East.

  • We constantly investment in state of the art drying equipment and research into the most advanced techniques ensuring that we deliver the most cost-effective and shortest drying solution for each project.

  • Our in-house training academy and constant improvement program means that our Project Coordinators and Technicians are always using the very latest techniques to return businesses to ‘Operations As Usual’ in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Polygon understands that when a business suffers a loss, there is far more to consider than the physical damage to the building and its contents - people’s livelihoods are at stake. We ensure that the project to restore the affected business is managed efficiently, with minimal business interruption to ensure the company can return to operation in the shortest time possible.


At Polygon our dedicated commercial claims handling team represent a key element for the succcess of a  project - they are constantly seeking to move a claim forward and asking themselves: what positive impact will their action have on the project and will the customer see their action as valuable to them? For more information on the Polygon Major & Complex Claims service solutions contact Rachel Newton,  call 01543 686114

The Power of Polygon: How We Support Major & Complex Claims

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