Case studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

Control humidity and temperature

The ability to keep a construction project on schedule is detrimental to its ability to provide profit to both the contractor and owner of the building. Temperature issues at the project site can be chief contributors to delays in the schedule completion and to potential damage of materials at the site. The need to provide a comfortable environment for workers is also necessary in areas where temperatures can reach well below freezing.

The need to provide temporary climate control solutions during summer and winter applications is essential to ensuring that your construction projects are completed to standard and on time. Polygon can supply state-of-the-art temporary indirect fired heaters and cooling units for every construction need. Whether it is for worker comfort or drying paint, theses technically advanced pieces of equipment are deigned to provide an efficient, cost effective means for completing any project. 

Temporary temperature control is vital during times of year when conditions can fluctuate within extremes. Risks from mould growth, broken pipes, frozen paint, dry wall compound not drying and other temperature dependent issues can be avoided by utilising a temporary climate control regiment. In the winter, Polygon provides indirect fired heaters designed to provide warm, clean air. This means that a project will not only stay on schedule but the space remains free from harmful carbon monoxide fumes. In the summer, Polygon provides ultra efficient cooling units to provide the necessary cooling to keep workers comfortable while providing basic conditions for mould reduction and the drying of coatings. 

Polygon technicians’ service and check the equipment, ducting and ancillary items prior to delivery. It is vital that the heating and cooling equipment and ducting is clean to eliminate the threat of contamination. The equipment is then placed in a designated area, positioned close to a power supply and set up to maximise the safe operation of the unit. Polygon state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidification systems are utilised to treat the ambient air in the structure ensuring that the materials are protected, the workers are safe and the project stays on schedule. Polygon provides a turnkey solution with well engineered equipment, offering around the clock service that is unmatched in the industry.

Polygon experienced and highly trained staff can consult customers on the best solutions for their specific needs. By utilising Polygon state-of-the-art climate control equipment, conditions are closely controlled to maintain relative humidity, dew point and temperature through out the facility. Polygon advanced heating and cooling solutions eliminates the risks of problems caused by extreme cold or hot weather conditions, while maintaining construction schedules.

  • Considerable energy cost savings, incorporating environmentally friendly technology
  • Improved hygiene conditions
  • Increased product quality and shelf life
  • Consistent production, all year around with the elimination of delays due to high moisture levels
  • Improved production increases of 15-20%
  • Shorter drying times for coated products
  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations
  • Allows the client to work around the clock
  • A rental program that allows the customer to only use the equipment when it is actually required

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