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Why join us? It‘s a question we are often asked and we believe there are many reasons why people enjoy working for Polygon. Some will be of real interest to you and others may not – we realise that different people work for different reasons and we try to cater for as many as possible.

  • We offer genuinely rewarding and fulfilling work – remember many of our clients find themselves in desperate circumstances and will rely upon you and your colleagues for help, guidance and reassurance
  • Polygon always looks to develop and promote from within before looking to recruit from outside. If you have the ambition and show that you have the potential then we should be able to meet your aspirations
  • We believe that we offer an attractive and competitive benefits package which recognises contribution and success. Further details are given elsewhere in this information folder
  • We can offer a diverse range of opportunities for people to develop or enhance their skills – be they technical, creative, administrative or managerial.


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If you cannot find anything which appeals, why not send our HR department an email to discuss what you require. We will be happy to help and we are confident that you will find something to appeal. Please email: