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Treating High Net Worth Policyholders like Royalty

Treating High Net Worth Policyholders like Royalty

Earlier this week we published a white paper titled ‘What happens if the queen calls?’ which explored the superior level of service that High Net Worth policyholders should receive. Throughout a claim life cycle, policyholders’ expectations should be managed or better yet exceeded, with optimal client care delivered from all in the claims supply chain. Insurers, adjusters and brokers should be able to rely on partners to deliver the claim promises made. Our white paper established what to look for in a partner, but here we explain why Polygon Crystal should be the High Net Worth partner of choice.

Ticking the procurement boxes

Polygon Crystal’s fully employed specialist resource is flexible at times of geographical need. Through our own internal controls your clients will receive extremely high levels of service whether in London or Loch Lomond. Therefore, we are in a position to consistently provide High Net Worth clients with a quality service, above and beyond the norm.

Impeccable client care

We provide total client focus through the claims journey. Our team are always asking the client ‘What is important to you?’ and act on it with a bespoke approach. We provide a flexible solution dependant on the client needs. We understand that High Net Worth policyholders are looking for VIP treatment and have high expectations and demands. Polygon Crystal delivers this level of service, with integrity, excellence and empathy every step of the way.

Shaping process to fit your customers’ needs

High Net Worth customer claims can create complexity which makes the process challenging. Polygon Crystal’s dedicated Personal Claim Consultants provide the one point of contact for your client, giving us the opportunity to prove our value by offering exceptional customer service. They take full ownership of every aspect of the claims journey 24/7. Our intention is to make the claims life cycle feel like a flexible ‘concierge’ (VIP) style service.

Dedicated resource

Polygon Crystal has an experienced team of Personal Claim Consultants dealing only with High Net Worth claims. We have a team of professional technicians, who are experts in their field. They think outside of the box, working flexibly to the client’s specific requirements.

Validated sub-contractor network 

We work with a Specialist High Net Worth supply chain which understands the clients we are dealing with. It is vetted, with best-in-class network partners specifically selected for their knowledge and expertise.

An integrated process

Our Personal Claims Consultants are unique. They provide a first-class service communicating transparently with all relevant parties on the claim. They quickly identify each party’s communication requirements and act on them, whilst their flexibility allows them to address all situations efficiently and seamlessly.

Success criteria

Polygon Crystal attends site when your client wants us to, prioritising policyholder experience and positive outcomes. Furthermore, we are on call 24/7 to meet the high demands of your clients. Our Personal Claims Consultants are at the heart of this process, striving to help you deliver on your KPIs such as policy renewal.

A partner with shared values

Like you, we understand the need to offer a solution which differentiates a High Net Worth service offering. Polygon Crystal looks to go the extra mile in High Net Worth because as a business we understand what makes these customers different. We embed our clients’ philosophies into our own processes, ensuring they are at the heart of the process. It is their property we are dealing with so they should be! We tailor each claim to meet with the high demands of the client; no one claim in the Polygon Crystal process is the same. Polygon Crystal is a specialist flexible solution working in partnership with you, we establish a good rapport and create a relationship you and the policyholder can trust.

So, if the Queen does call, then you know who to call. It is the combination of care and commitment to quality that sets Polygon Crystal apart from the rest.


For further details please contact our Head of High Net Worth, Gareth Wynne-Morgan: or tel. 07824354115



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