Case studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon keeps construction project on schedule.

A construction company building a new school in London was having issues drying screed and walls to the optimum level. Contractors must be certain that the walls and floors in any new construction have been dried properly; failure to do this could mean that in time flooring may lift and mould could develop. Ultimately this could require the contractor to revisit the job to carry out remedial work; costing them and the client time, money and loss of reputation.


The client was on a tight deadline to complete the project and was having problems drying the walls and screed. Concerned about the repercussions if they were to prematurely lay the final floor and wall finishes, they needed the building to be surveyed to search for causes of leaks and penetration points.


Polygon deployed an engineer within a day to conduct a full onsite building survey, which did identify areas of concern. Relative Humidity (RH) readings were conducted and they confirmed client concerns that the screed had not dried properly. Polygon then created and executed a bespoke solution to target and dry the required areas.

Polygon has an extensive portfolio, so were able to arrange for the delivery of all required equipment to site quickly. In order to create the correct environment, six dehumidifiers were installed along with a 170kw heater and two 65kw heaters. Polygon’s engineers also used specialist equipment that plugged into the roof membrane and pulled out all moisture using a high vacuum pump.

Noticeable reductions were witnessed to moisture levels within a week and equipment remained on site for three months. Polygon conducted weekly maintenance visits where the unit was checked, and readings were taken to ensure that the environment was being controlled to the exact requirements.


  • Faster project completion: Polygon provides consistent environmental conditions in specific environments and accurate moisture readings. This allows a drying timetable to be provided and the overall construction process can be accelerated; ensuring accurate completion time, product quality and long-term service.
  • A solution to many problems: No matter what moisture problem a customer faces, Polygon has the expertise and equipment to fix it quickly. Not only that, if a problem is identified, they have a portfolio of services and an extensive fleet of equipment to create the environments that aid effective and time saving construction.
  • Expert knowledge: With over 40 years servicing the construction market, Polygon is a world leader in providing temporary climate solutions in the construction industry. Their specialist engineers have expert knowledge, allowing you to be sure you have the perfect construction environment.
  • Industry standards: Moisture levels can be guaranteed as opposed to guess work or look and feel; the readings conform to British and European Standards allowing contractors to provide realistic recommendations on when optimum conditions would be reached to keep the project on track.


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